Brand ambassadors and buzz diplomacy

Kim Buzz marketing is on the rise. Word of mouth, it appears, can sell anything to anyone, anywhere, thanks to its subtle ability to persuade. We’d be well served to harness such techniques in the service of a greater cause.

   Buzz Envoy: So, you’re the absolute leader of communist North Korea.
   Kim Jong-il: Correct.
   BE: I saw your last speech on the Philips 42-inch plasma HDTV back at the State Department. The images were so sharp and vivid. It’s like we’ve met before.
   KJI: We haven’t. And you’re here to discuss matters of the gravest urgency.
   BE: Man, I’m thirsty. Can I get a Coke?
   KJI: We’re all out.
   BE: Ever try Caffeine Free Diet Coke? I defy you to tell it from Coke Classic. When we were watching your speech in high-def, we…
   KJI: The satellite feed cut out halfway through.
   BE: We caught the whole thing on Comcast.
   KJI: Premium digital package?
   BE: (nods knowingly) With On-Demand. The president said something about inviting you over next Sunday to watch football. If we can work out a deal. Maybe halt nuclear testing and get rid of some missiles. (BE’s cell rings; he answers.)
   KJI: (whispers) An LGVX8100 phone! South Korean—great quality! 
   BE: (nods) With mobile media. (into phone) OK, I’ll let him know. (hands over the phone) It’s Bono.
   KJI: (into phone) Bono? Well, yes, world peace has its advantages. I was just going to tell the U.S. ambassador…
   BE: Brand ambassador, sir. By the way, you’re welcome to keep the phone and take advantage of Cingular’s liberal upgrade plan!

—Posted by David Gianatasio