Brad Pitt Asking a Whole Lot of Questions in Chanel No. 5 Teasers

Answers will come Oct. 15

He says only a few words, and doesn't even show his ruggedly handsome famous face. That's worth $7 million? Calm yourselves, people, because these teasers for Chanel No. 5 are just the beginning of Brad Pitt's relationship with the iconic French perfume brand. He's the first man ever to pitch Coco Chanel's 91-year-old signature fragrance, and the full spots are set to launch next week, along with print ads in November fashion books. Meantime, we'll just have to make do with Pitt's sexy, whispery mini-questions, asked not to a woman but reportedly to a perfume bottle. Huh? Oh, who cares? Filmmaker Joe Wright, who has shot previous Chanel ads, has created the full Pitt commercials, due out Oct. 15. See the three teasers below.