Boyz II Men’s Wendy’s Pretzel Bun Love Song Is a Thing of Cheesy, Pretzelly Beauty

Tweets, passionately crooned

Boyz II Men's Pretzel Bun Love Song for Wendy's is here, and if a fast-food ballad could make you swoon, it would.

The more generic first video in the campaign was pretty excellent in its own right. In the Boyz II Men clip, the core joke—mocking mawkish tropes—is the same. The lyrics are still crafted from consumer tweets, and there are still fun sight gags. But the classic R&B group's vocal chops alone add more to an already absurd premise than you might expect. Just listen to the trio (formerly a quartet) explain the meaning of an emoji, or harmonize a cappella on syllables like "omnomnom."

Clearly, the brand certainly picked the right act to poke fun at all things sappy. "We know all about romance, heartache, love lost and found, but we have never had the chance to sing sweet harmonies about, of all things, a pretzel bun," said Boyz II Men member Nathan Morris in a canned statement released by Wendy's. "We sing about searching for your better half on our new album Collide, and with our #PretzelLoveSongs video, we put a humorous twist on what some fans are saying is their better half—Wendy's pretzel bun."

Because these days in the music business, nothing tastes better than having a consumer marketer pay you lots of money so it can help you promote your new record … even if you also have to talk publicly about a sandwich as if it were a person.

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@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.