Boston papers red-faced after Patriots’ loss

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Patriots suck! Go Giants, woo-hoo! Former Pats QBs Steve Grogan and Drew Bledsoe—both winless as Super Bowl starters—probably woke up this morning with wry smiles on their faces. (And if they woke up together, it’s really none of my business.) The Boston Globe ran a 24-page section on Monday that was meant to celebrate a perfect season, but canceled plans for a book called 19-0. Noted Globe editor Marty Baron: “There is nothing more for us to do. It’s over.” At least he can recycle that line when New York Times Co. money runs dry and the Globe closes its doors.
  P.S. Hey Marty, AdFreak made me write this. They’re monsters. Do you need a blogger? Go, Pats! Yay!
  P.P.S. Hey Punch, does the Times have a Giants book in the works? I’m available if you need a writer for a quick turnaround. Go Giants, woo-hoo!

—Posted by David Gianatasio