Boston Marathon hits wall on no-ads policy

Breaking with a 112-year tradition, the Boston Marathon will put corporate ads on the start and finish lines of Monday’s race promoting its two main sponsors: John Hancock Financial Services and Adidas. “It’s not like they are up in the air, blocking anyone’s view or anything like that,” says Dorothy Ferriter, who heads the marathon committee in Hopkinton, Mass., where the race begins, 26.2 miles from the Back Bay finish line. I wish they’d change the course, because the runners go right past my front door, and all the spectators barbecue and toss their trash in the courtyard. Maybe the South End could host the race. Boston University could build the proposed bio-terror lab in my neighborhood instead—it’d actually be less disruptive. Rosie Ruiz once “won” the Boston Marathon by taking the subway. I’m with her: I’ll risk a quick grope over shin splits and dehydration any day.

—Posted by David Gianatasio