‘Born different’ ads scare Colorado Springs

The Denver-based Gill Foundation is running a gay-rights ad campaign in Colorado Springs that stars Norman, a dog who moos like a cow. The idea is that Norman, like gay people, was simply “born different” (which is the tagline). But the mayor and a city councilman are objecting to the placement of the ads on city lampposts, arguing that it implies a tacit endorsement of the message by the city. “To me, that’s politicizing our message that we’re putting on our lampposts, and being city lampposts, it gives some credibility that the city supports the campaign, which I know the city does not,” the councilman says. (The city hasn’t yet officially taken a stand one way or another.) The mayor has asked for a report on the approval process for ads on city poles. The ads are running only in Colorado Springs, which was chosen because of its reputation for being unfriendly to gays—a reputation that won’t improve much as a result of this.

—Posted by Tim Nudd