BMW Canada Cheats Death Again in Helipad Video

Following high-speed skids through car-shaped gaps in thick (supposedly) concrete walls, BMW Canada presents more insane stunt driving to promote its 1 Series M Coupe. Now, the brand wants to flip the bird at mortality by spinning doughnuts on the world's highest rooftop helipad. The only problem: It's not clear that the feat is actually real. Ad agency Cundari's chief creative officer, Brent Choi, tells AdFreak: "I can tell you that the intent right from the beginning was to create videos that were so amazing, people had to debate how we did it." He then referred us to the client, who has yet to reply. Choi sheds some light on the driver, who worked on movies like The Fast and the Furious and The Bourne Identity. Odds seem decent that both videos aren't quite what they appear—and therefore much less death-defying and much less insane. 

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