Bluefly exhibitionists targeting airports next

Bluefly returns tonight, during the season-four premiere of Project Runway, with more faux-erotic ads in which people appear naked for no apparent reason in unexpected situations. (We wrote about the earlier stuff here.) This time, the scenes are a family dinner and an airport security line. The latter seems ill-advised on two counts. First, it plays right into the hands of Tom “3 Percent in the Latest Poll? Yeah, Right” Tancredo, who’s sure to view the clip as vindication of his knee-jerk stance on the need to tighten security at the nation’s airports, malls and border crossings (though actually the woman here will zip through the metal detector). Plus, if they make you drop your pants at the LaGuardia, you’re in for some turbulence most people would rather avoid. UPDATE: Check out both new commercials here.