For Bloom, ad deals are a rose

Bloom_elizabethtown1Oh, Orlando Bloom. Is there anything he does that isn’t charming and wonderful? AdFreak didn’t think so. The British actor, whose Cameron Crowe film Elizabethtown opens today (to less than stellar reviews), has said he thinks celebrity advertising contracts are a GOOD thing. In 2002, Orlando (pictured here in a still from Elizabethtown) was directed by Crowe in a Gap spot, "Denim Invasion," with fellow Brit actor Kate Beckinsale, and more or less said the copious amounts of cash movie stars get for the ads allows them to pursue their art without sacrificing their high-rolling lifestyles. Really. "The world’s an ever changing place,” he said. “You see movie stars advertising all sorts of things today, for whatever reason, and it may be that it affords them the luxury to do smaller movies, or to go and do a play.”  Marketers have nothing to lose by signing him up for promotion deals. Kind of like Sting in leather pants made AdFreak completely ignore the selling-out aspect and want to run out and buy a Jaguar S-Type.

—Posted by Celeste Ward