Blood-Smeared, Bewinged 'Wildeman' Stars in Flying Dog Ad

Most inexplicable beer commercial ever?

Rarely do beer commercials challenge the status quo of hot chicks and gender jokes, but thanks to America's booming microbrew subculture, we've been gifted with some truly home-brewed commercials. Here, courtesy of Flying Dog Brewery, is the most inexplicable commercial for a new-beer release that you may ever see. If it captures the essence of the brew, called Wildeman, then this is a concoction made from wolf blood and steampunk wings. The ad opens on a bank of old TVs set up to produce a hallucinogenic trance as we watch a wolf growl, an owl fly, and a fat, bald British man chant "The way must be tried" in several languages. Our hero sinks a freshly used axe, the sort usually possessed by fantasy dwarves, into a log and peers at the screens. Then our Wildman smears blood all over his face and stalks off into the mist to try his luck at soaring. As far as I can tell, the beer tastes like insanity. Try it when it's released on Jan. 30, and let us know if this spot adequately captures the experience.