Blogger comes to defense of Jeeves

Askjeeves_2When IAC CEO Barry Diller confirmed last month that the company would do away with the butler mascot at Ask Jeeves, he added a gratuitous jibe: “I don’t see many tears on the floor.” Not so. One anonymous former Ask Jeeves employee has taken up a campaign to save the dapper butler with, what else, a blog. On it, the unnamed Jeevesophile explains his motivation as pure loyalty after “many years of service to the butler.” The site has gained some momentum, with a 2,100-word post—nay, manifesto—in Jeeves’ defense drawing 118 mostly positive comments, including the succinct “Preach it brother! Save the butler!” and a few nitpickers who point out Jeeves is actually a valet, in the strictest sense. Far be it from AdFreak to pooh-pooh grassroots activism, but it seems like the butler’s fate is squarely in the hands of Barry, a full-fledged media mogul who doesn’t seem all that fond of our man Jeeves, even in his newly slimmed-down and swarthy incarnation. No word on what’s to become of the Jeeves balloon that’s been featured in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey