The Blendtec blender blends an iPod

We’ve already written about the joys of the “Will It Blend?” series of videos featuring Blendtec blenders. Even though it probably doesn’t mean a damn thing for everyday use that the blender can grind through lightbulbs, there’s something compelling about potentially owning a blender that can pulverize just about anything. Now, in a snide commentary on the never-ending series of new iPod versions, Blendtec’s Tom Dickson has chosen, in the above video, to blend his old iPod, professing his love for it while at the same time saying, "Out with the old—in with the new." The blended iPod is currently on sale on eBay (with a blender). The current bid right now is $720.75 with proceeds going to charity.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor