BK promo turns Han Solo into a midget

Generally, my interest in all things Star Wars is decidedly—what’s the word?—non-existent. But apparently even I have my standards, as I discovered over the weekend while dropping by a Burger King (without a huge blow-up Darth Vader on its roof) and securing a promotional Star Wars toy for our 7-year-old. It took me a while, as he flew the toy around the backseat of the minivan, to realize who, or what, it was. But, no, it’s unthinkable! It was that hunky Han Solo/Harrison Ford character rendered … as … a … midget! A midget wind-up toy! (Gasp!) I mean, the dude is so short and squat he’s got panty lines on his rear end, not to mention his head is 25 percent longer than his body. (This is just an estimate, mind you, but the head is positively massive.) This unfortunate, um, interpretation of Harrison Ford was lost on my son, of course. But Mom was speechless.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

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