Birds, bees get it on in Danish sex-shop ads

The birds and the bees get kinky in Uncle Grey's sado-masochistic print ads for a sex boutique in Denmark called Lust. At first glance, these awesomely detailed illustrations seem plucked from an Audubon guidebook. On second glance, you find yourself asking … OMG, WTF is that bee doing to that bird!? And WTF is right. The work is unsettling because we usually focus on the bucolic imagery and beauty of the natural world while ignoring its more rough-and-tumble aspects (real or exaggerated). Also, the anthropomorphic touches in the campaign remind us that human sexuality—even in its more deviant forms—is, ultimately, natural. Or to put it less analytically: That bird's enjoying it! I guess the Danes aren't such a melancholy bunch after all. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio