Bills fan’s billboard aims to get coach fired


Ryan Abshagen, an unemployed 18-year-old from New Freedom, Pa., might have a future in the ad business. Or fundraising. Or media consulting. He sure won't be working for the Buffalo Bills after raising $1,400 on the Web to buy a week's worth of time on a digital billboard, which he'll use to demand the ouster of Bills coach Dick Jauron. Starting Monday, Abshagen's message will be flashed 3,000 times a day on a billboard over I-190 south of Buffalo. It also calls for the dismissal of the team's pro personnel director and chief college scout. According to the Associated Press: "He's now begun a second campaign to raise another $1,125 to extend the rental for one more week or rent a second billboard." Surely Crispin or PBS could find an internship for this guy! If nothing else, he could run the office football pool.

—Posted by David Gianatasio