Billboard With Men Almost Kissing Offends L.A. Mom

She objects to its 'blatant porn-iness'

A billboard featuring two shirtless hunks homing in for a kiss has stirred up some controversy. The ad, for the mobile version of gay social networking site Manhunt, recently debuted on a Lamar Advertising board in Los Angeles, where you'd think folks would have a lot more serious stuff to complain about. (The Kardashians come to mind.) One local mom, Kelly Cole, says she doesn't want her kids seeing such images of "blatant porn-iness," regardless of whether such material is of the homo- or heterosexual variety. Manhunt's Jason Harvey thinks that's a load of hogwash, contending that "gay sexuality is still scary and controversial for many people," and noting that there's been no similar media frenzy over Michael Kors' new L.A. ads (posted after the jump) that show a woman sticking her hand down the front of a guy's briefs. I guess the hubbub was to be expected, since man kissing has been a hot topic in the past when it's surfaced outside niche media. As for the Kors billboard, a little to the left . . . aaah, perfect!