Billboard Helps Canadian Man Find His Lost Dog

Bob Lindsay stops short of TV ads

If Edmonton, Alberta, resident Bob Lindsay were a normal person, he would have tacked up fliers around the neighborhood when his Labrador retriever went missing. But since people rent billboards for everything these days, that's what he did instead. The owner of the pet-friendly hotel where Lindsay was staying when he lost his dog agreed to host the "missing dog" billboard on his property. And I'm happy to report Lindsay did find the retriever, although this isn't even the first time he's had to use a billboard to find him. I probably shouldn't be so hard on Lindsay, since he also posted ads around the Internet and contacted animal shelters about his dog. But at this rate we'll be seeing billboards every time some ad exec's kid gets straight A's. Plus, everyone knows, the way to attract dogs with billboards is to make them smell like dog food.