Billboard Gives Bats Place to Live, Ability to Talk to Humans

But what do they want to tell us?

I'm calling bullshit on this one. Or batshit, to be more precise. In an oddball effort to foster interspecies understanding, designer Chris Woebken and artist Natalie Jeremijenko claim to have developed a billboard that serves as a habitat for bats and uses "bat voice-recognition software" to transform the winged creatures' squeaks and shrieks into human speech. Puh-lease. So-called translations of bat chat include cutesy crap like, "Taking off for another insect snack." Puh-uh-lease! More likely, the flying rodents are saying, "Let's go on a killing spree and drink human blood!" Check out Woebken's website, with its unnerving soundtrack of chirps and squeals and uber-creepy video. It shows so many bats. Get 'em offa me! They're gnawing away what's left of my hair! Actually, the billboard's habitat aspect does hold some promise. While the bats are inside, they can be easily exterminated. I can just picture the translation: "Poisoned! What a world!" Seriously, though, we should save billboards for important stuff, like sending secret profane messages and showing off giant butts! Via PSFK.