Big River Takes Fairy-Tale Approach to Childhood Obesity

Fable cautions against poor diet choices

Concepted by Richmond, Va., advertising agency Big River and produced by Ringside Creative, this lovely spot for an undisclosed client (purportedly a "large wellness company") tells a cautionary childhood tale about how our personal choices can help us avoid the twin specters of obesity and diabetes. Unlike the recent anti-obesity campaign from Georgia, this spot stays far away from fat-shaming and even the words "obesity" and "fat." In fact, the culprit here is pretty obvious—it's us advertisers who are causing the obesity crisis. The good news is, it's each kid's personal choices that will solve the problem. That message is not just empowering for kids, it also happens to be gorgeously rendered and backed by an appealing Elfman-esque score. Keep rolling them out, Big River.