Beware the finger-scanning cash registers

Allegedly unstable Wendy’s customers, take note: Cub Foods is testing a payment system in which it can access your checking account by scanning your finger at the register. Now, clearly this is an amazing advance, based on something called biometric data. Still, we’re not feeling that good about it. Maybe it’s just us, but finger-scanning technology conjures up scenes from nightmarish sci-fi movies: Gattaca, for example, in which the drones were ID-ed via blood samples from their fingertips; or the end of The Dead Zone, where (spoiler alert) Martin Sheen threatens to hack off the other dude’s hand if he won’t provide a hand-print as part of the key sequence to start nuclear war. Evidently, Cub Foods’ customers have been watching more wholesome movies, as they seem to express few reservations. As one of them said to the Minneapolis Star Tribune: “I feel secure because it’s always my finger that is making it work. And I always have [my finger] with me.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd