A better logo for those hapless Cubs?

So, let’s face it. The Cubs suck. Again. But can we please get over the idea that they are somehow cursed? (I’m reminded of a Yankees T-shirt I saw recently: “Hey Boston, there was no curse. You just sucked for 86 years.”) Still, fans won’t let it go. Witness the latest exhibit: this revised Cubs logo, spotted on sports-spoof site Rivalfish.com. Funny? Yes (though I prefer the Cubs-dedicated satire of The Heckler). But inaccurate. Every time the Cubs get within 15 games of the playoffs, some fool brings a goat to Wrigley to lift the ages-old curse brought on when Vasili Sianis’ pet was refused entry. If there ever were a curse, Cub fans have long since made amends with all these goat parades. Instead, let’s call it like we see it: The Cubs have merely sucked for 98 years. Although they are currently riding a one-game winning streak.

—Posted by Aaron Baar