The best (and very worst) of AdFreak, 2008

Best Celebrity Impersonation: Little Gordon Ramsay.

A priceless promo for starred a 9-year-old Gordon Ramsay imitator who sourly ripped his mother a new one for the “white fucking anemic” bread she’s used for his sandwiches. Uncanny and hilarious.

Weirdest Ad-Agency Video: Bold Ogilvy’s tribute to David Ogilvy.

It must be seen to be believed: an earnest musical tribute from Bold Ogilvy Athens that likely had the Ogilvy & Mather founder rolling in his grave. It was described by one reader of Scamp, the U.K. ad blog, as “hideous, tragic and horrid.” And that was probably kind.

Worst PSA: The campaign against “That’s so gay.”

This Arnold/Ad Council effort was doomed from the start, as it sought to change not just what teens do but what they say. One reader offered the expected response: “This is so gay.” It didn’t help that the year’s most talked-about tourism ad carried the headline, “South Carolina is so gay.”

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