Bennigan's hires seasonal leprechaun hoser

Bennigan’s: "an Irish American Grill & Tavern famous for great food, fun atmosphere and a wide selection of cocktails." And now home to a grumpy, hose-wielding leprechaun. That appears to be the premise of a disturbing new Bennigan’s campaign. Over at, there the bad-tempered green imp (named Fergus, sigh), as well as St. Patrick’s Day countdown widgets and “lepregrams,” which allow users to download their headshots onto the body of a leprechaun. To my ear, “lepregram” sounds uncomfortably close to “lepergram.” In fact, Fergus would feel right at home in last year’s weird-food ad blitz kicked off by Cold Stone Creamery, which made us face our childhood fears in a scoop shop. Word to the wise: If you start seeing leprechauns, your sundae has been sitting out too long.