Benadryl's Masks Campaign Is the Stuff of Nightmares

The creep factor runs high in this memorably disturbing Benadryl print campaign by JWT London. It's kind of surprising that a drug purveyor would attempt such an overtly trippy campaign. "Allergies can attack at any time," says the headline. Illustrating that are scary personifications of said maladies wearing masks created by Steve Whinnery. The sunflower guy in his blue jumpsuit standing on a park path is truly the stuff of nightmares. Did he just break out of prison, intent on beating folks into fits of runny-nosed, wheezing submission with that branch clutched in his hand? The shot's composition, with its vacant benches and pretty yet ominous yellow flowers, gives this ad the feel of a horror-movie poster. Details also heighten the sense of unease in a second ad that shows a woman in a cat mask sitting in a spotless kitchen. Everything feels slightly out of sync, with the retro fridge, mod microwave, and blue sofa (who doesn't have one of those in their kitchen?) seemingly at odds together in the same room. As for Kitty herself, she gets my dander up. Aaah-choo! More images after the jump.