Belgian nonprofit helps, frightens farmers

When most ads use little people, it’s just for some low-brow laughs. And maybe that’s the case here. But I have to say I like this ad for the Belgian nonprofit Vredeseilanden (“Peace Islands”) which raises money for third-world farmers by selling keychains shaped like, well, little people. (It’s actually the organization’s logo.) Instead of just tugging at our heart strings with the sad-but-true facts about life for South American farmers, the nonprofit deserves credit for creating a spot that’s informative, funny and a bit self-deprecating. Maybe that’s why they reportedly sold 100,000 of the keychains in January. To learn more about the campaign, including a clever guerilla effort on the steps of the Belgian Stock Exchange, be sure to check out Osocio’s write-up.

—Posted by David Griner

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