Behold, I have unlocked the Microsoft Zune

Following in the impressive footsteps of George Hotz, who unlocked Apple’s iPhone, allowing it to be used with other wireless carriers, not just AT&T, I seem to have unlocked Microsoft’s Zune. It took me 1,000 hours, a blowtorch, tongs and a tent filled with pure oxygen, but I did it. Now, I’m not getting a big head over this. A “sweet” Nissan 350Z would be nice, but I’d take a Gremlin with the “Keep On Truckin’” windshield sticker intact. Consulting offers have already begun pouring in. (Is Souper Salad a wholly owned subsidiary of IDC?) What was inside the Zune, you might ask? Well, that’s hard to say, since I basically broke it into a billion little bits. OK, it’s true. I just dropped it by accident. Up next: A Viking, Pilgrim and toga-clad Roman help me unlock a Fig Newton!

—Posted by David Gianatasio