The beginning and end of Disco Sports

Every once in a while, male professional athletes are allowed to let
their hair down and indulge in less-macho pastimes. NFL defensive tackle Rosey
Grier, for example, occasionally disavowed his hulking masculinity in the 1970s with needlepoint, macramé and campaigning for Ed Muskie. Another good example,
courtesy of YouTube, is ice hockey legend Guy LaFleur and his 1979 disco album. LaFleur, known as the “Baryshnikov of the hockey rink,” apparently released a
how-to-play-hockey record set to an interminable Drum Loop From Hell, which
qualified it as disco. And yes, it sounds exactly the way you’d expect it to
sound, except with backup singers. The most entertaining part of the clip,
though, is the Canadian news reporter’s attempt to sound patriotic and
won-over, with comments like, “This may be just the beginning for Disco

—Posted by David Kiefaber