In beer we trust

Will beer marketing stumble another few steps forward thanks to the United States Beer Drinking Team?

The USBDT describes itself as the multimedia-marketing arm of the Beer Radio Network. What’s the Beer Radio Network? According to the Web site, it’s a weekly radio show (Saturday from 3-6 p.m. on Sirius and other outlets) on which “special guest talk about BEER!” (Augie Busch has yet to trudge down for an interview, but Jim Koch and Dick Yeungling apparently have taken the plunge.)

The USBDTers seem like the kind of people who rush down for yet another pony keg at 3 in the morning to try to keep the party going. “There are over 90 million beer drinkers in the United States who spend over 67 billion dollars per year on beer!” the Web site blares. “The USBDT is the first and only official beer drinking team for all of us. We are a team of hard working men and women who enjoy the best things in life: fun, friendship, family, passion, good times and great beer!”

In its mission statement, the USBDT says its goal is nothing less than “to become the dominant beer lifestyle brand worldwide. This goal will be achieved by utilizing a visionary multimedia approach to gain the loyalty and trust of the world’s beer consumers.” It’s kind of sad that this “visionary multimedia approach” seems to consist of a combination of radio and interactive, but the group does have plans for Beer Television—though even that will be broadcast over the Web at first.

—Posted by Tim Nudd