Beer Billboard Casts Long Shadow

Newcastle ad and its 3,000 bottle caps come alive at night

Many's the night I've lain awake and wondered just what a 128-square-foot billboard using 3,000 Newcastle Brown Ale bottle caps and a single light source might look like. Now, thanks to ad agency Vitro and artists Ellis Gallagher and Pablo Power, I have my answer. Shadows cast by the meticulously bent, stacked and arranged caps form a creepy/cool face and a ghostly arm reaching for a glass of the brew. The impressive piece, designed to illustrate the duality of the beer's dark color and light taste (the "lighter side of dark," as the headline says), is one of three branded art projects that Newcastle unveiled in San Diego this summer. At the Del Mar Racetrack, an optical illusion makes patrons appear to be trapped inside a giant Newcastle glass. And installations at various hot spots around town present faux keg robberies in progress, with life-size figures climbing down building facades. Such visions might seem novel, but for truly dedicated Newcastle drinkers, wall crawlers, ginormous beer mugs, and shadow men in the sky are probably familiar sights. Via Adverblog.

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