Beefy Burglar's Bungling Becomes a Viral TV Spot

Kent's Meats security-cam footage set to Benny Hill theme

Talk about beef jerky. The trend of using actual security-camera footage in ads continues, with Kent's Meats & Groceries in Redding, Calif., setting footage of a botched burglary to the theme from The Benny Hill Show. The portly perp is probably lucky he failed, because the last thing he needs is another helping of deli. The meaty miscreant's attention to planning and detail is shockingly lean. Clad in pajamas, as if he's just rolled out of bed craving a late-night snack, the oafish offender adjusts his face-stocking, breaks a window and then falls down trying to run away. The performance is more pathetic than funny ha-ha. I prefer the mannequin-mangling antics of the felonious fashionistas who looted a Reserva boutique in the year's other notable security-cam commercial. As for Kent's, I'm cool with the ludicrous lawbreaker's escape, because that fatty pink pastrami shown at the end of the clip is the real crime on display here.