Beef is sexy, says McDonald’s in China

There’s no Paris Hilton brandishing a sudsy sponge, but a new McDonald’s campaign in China is racy, in a comical way. (See the TV spot in Real Player here or in Windows Media Player here.) The headline on the Wall Street Journal story says it all: “Sex, Skin, Fireworks, Licked Fingers—It’s a Quarter Pounder Ad in China.” The TV spot’s voiceover includes lines like, “You can feel it. Thicker. You can taste it. Juicier.” The print work is amped up, too. One ad suggests that eating the Quarter Pounder will “inject protein and vitamins into your trendy body.” (The danger to the trendiness of one’s body from eating at McDonald’s isn’t addressed.) The ads mark a shift for McDonald’s in China, which sells mostly chicken products. Says the McDonald’s China CEO: “We need to own beef.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd