Bed-Stuy to Virgin Mobile: ‘And you suck’

Bedstuyrule1_4 For a lesson on how not to speak to a Brooklyn neighborhood in an ad, see this Brownstoner item and its 123 comments about Virgin Mobile’s new New York City campaign. (Click here to see the ad larger.) In short, do not 1) flatter the reader by acknowledging his bullshit radar, only to then 2) lob a bullshit sales pitch at him, wrapped in pandering, faux-authentic language. You may get a reply like this one, from the comments: “Suck it, you patronizing bastards.” (The campaign is from noted NYC experts McKinney, based in Durham, N.C., and may soon be assaulting your city with similar jive talk.) To their credit, the PR people at Virgin seem to have read the Brownstoner item and want to do better. Or actually, they now want Bed-Stuy’s residents to do their work for them.

—Posted by Tim Nudd