Beauty brand tries unretouched makeup ads

You can make this stuff up—but go easy on the retouching. Beauty brand Make Up For Ever has released what it says are the first cosmetics ads that aren't Photoshopped or otherwise retouched in any way. Check out several other photos from the campaign after the jump. There's also an interactive video, promoting the HD Invisible Cover Foundation. Mike the retoucher hosts the video, and explains that his job is to "turn Mrs. Wrinkle-eyes into Mrs. Angel-eyes." Wish I had that on my résumé. Think I'll add it, just for laughs. Users are challenged to identify computer manipulations and enhancements—never the models' faces, of course—and can enter a contest to win prizes. Tweaks include erasing a hot dog from a hand, flattening a stomach and resurrecting wilted flowers. Hey, Mike, you should've left the frankfurter and paunch—they gave the clip some character. The work plays up its lack of deception to underscore the product's ability to help folks deceive others, and the cameras, in real life. Who wouldn't want to look Photoshopped, in a flattering way, simply by applying some glop from a bottle?

@DaveGian David Gianatasio is a longtime contributor to Adweek, where he has been a writer and editor for two decades. Previously serving as Adweek's New England bureau chief and web editor, he remains based in Boston.