This Beautiful PSA From Spain About Embracing Life Keeps You Guessing Until the End

Then, a left turn

A new Spanish PSA from Publicis wants you love life, and not ruin it entirely.

Hang picture frames, go running through the woods, get a tattoo, play rugby or hang out on a mattress somewhere. There's plenty to keep you occupied—and away from darker choices—says the ad, which in some ways recalls the vibe of Puma's "After Hours Athlete" and Levi's "Go Forth" work.

The moralistic kicker, necessary as it may be, doesn't seem ideal—and could turn teenagers off. Also, the spot might miscalculate just how many free hours kids can have to waste. But hopefully the message gets through anyways.


Directors: Marc Corominas, Lorena Medina

Client: FAD

Agency: Publicis

Director of Photography: Oriol Vila

Art Director: Oian Arteta

Wardrobe: Ana Morera

Makeup: Oona Napier

Head of Production: Marta Antón

Head of Postproduction: Tamara Díaz

Assistant Director: Israel Marco

Production Team: Carles Pequerul, Ángela Puig-Pey, David Bello, María Asensio, Ana Terrero, Andrià Nebot, Eli Apezteguia, Sivila Arimany

Camera and Photography Team: Agnes Corbera (DOP assistant), Sergio Santana and Pablo Lagos (Camera Assistants), Moncho Bartroli (Electrics Head)

Warbrobe Team: Andrea Pi Sunyer (Assistant Wardrobe)

Art Team: Alexandra Jordana (Art Assistant), Cristina Hontiyuelo and Anna Auquer (Props)

Rental Cars: Quadis

Travel Agency: IEST

Postproduction Coordination: Metropolitana