Be a Mr. Clean 'Man Maid' for Your Wife This Mother's Day

Here's a nice little binding contract

Looking for a cheap Mother's Day gift that your wife will love? Mr. Clean has you covered with a binding contract you can sign to be a Man Maid. That's right, you volunteer to be a real-life Mr. Clean. Though it is not stipulated in the contract, the commercial clearly suggests that Mr. Clean Man Maids should wear tight, white Mr. Clean T-shirts and flex their muscles as often as possible. (You do not, however, have to shave your head.) I am, sadly, the mess maker in my relationship, so this campaign won't help me very much. (I could buy a French maid outfit, although that's not usually what you do if you want to get any actual cleaning done.) But for all the male slobs out there, a bottle of Mr. Clean is way cheaper than a dozen roses and may be even more likely to get you laid. Two more spots after the jump.