Be a More Colorful Drunk With These Pantone Swatches for Beer

RGB, CMYK and HTML code for brews

Finally, a gag gift for that insufferable beer snob you know: Pantone swatches for beer. Designed by Alexander Michelbach and Daniel Eugster, each "Beertone" card gives the exact color value of a beer in RGB, CMYK and HTML code. Their efforts were assisted by some 202 Swiss breweries, which offered SRM data and actual beers as research aids. Fast Company's Co.Design blog astutely points out the dichotomous appeal of something like this: It's a lowbrow concept that was nonetheless treated with care and no small amount of serious craftsmanship, and the result is something quite clever. A Beertone mobile app is on the way, too, which will be an even more convenient resource for beer snobs who are tired of getting dirty looks from bartenders and waitstaff.