Be a Clio judge, vicariously

By now, you may have read that for the third year in a row Wieden + Kennedy and client Honda won the Grand Clio this week for TV. (Frame from "Impossible Dream" at left.) What you probably haven’t gotten to experience is the honor of sitting in a screening room judging entries. But now you can!—by reading this column by Keith McArthur of Toronto’s Globe and Mail. It serves as a reminder that even though there are great moments in advertising, there remain few fates worse than flying to a sunny resort and being forced to sit in the dark watching commercials. As McArthur says in his diary entry at 3:37 p.m., "I’ve watched 353 ads over 5½ hours and I’m ready to go soak up some of the Miami sun. Except it’s pouring outside." (Full disclosure alert: the Clio Awards are one of many more respectable relatives of AdFreak.) UPDATE: We’re told that McArthur was actually a delegate and not a judge—and still he gave part of his life to sit in a dark room watching ads. What a hero.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor