BBH Captures the Thrill of Le Mans in 3-D Audi Video

Bartle Bogle Hegarty's two-and-a-half minute, 3-D film "A Day in the Life of an Audi Driver" leverages the nameplate's success at the famed high-speed Le Mans race to underscore its commitment to quality and precision. Allan McNish, a two-time winner of the 24-hour competition held each summer in France, is amiable, and some viewers will no doubt find his riffs on the difficulties and dangers of Le Mans riveting. That said, when he veered off into discussions of "3 Gs of lateral force" and drivers' helmeted heads weighing 8 kilos, I kind of lost interest and wanted to wave him into the pits for a copy consultation. But that's a minor gripe. The clip's visual style—McNish interacts with intriguing animation—feels fresh for the category. The pacing is brisk. And the overall effect, to throttle down on another racing metaphor, is certainly no drag.