BBDO has the antidote to woodpecker angst

By all rights, this Argentine commercial by BBDO for Twistos crackers should misfire. A young career woman's neurotic early-morning inner monologue, symbolized by a spazzy woodpecker stuck on her head, is banished by the calming effect of Twistos? Sounds like it's going to lay an egg, but it soars because the bird's blazing, angst-driven, brink-of-madness delivery is exceptional. "The co-worker you like is married! You're turning into your mother! Your mother! Everything is drooping! Everything! Everything!" It's impossible to catch it all the first time around, but you don't need to. The ending, with the bird feeling just as happy as she is ("I'm free! I'm free!"), is a nice touch. Maybe she should keep her windows shut at night, or get a cat to chase the boo-bird away. A metaphorical cat. Or a Siamese, they're nice too.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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