Battle the cyberbullies in new PSA contest

I enter all marketing-related contests here on AdFreak, though not through official channels. Sony Creative Software, the Ad Council and the National Crime Prevention Council are holding a PSA competition aimed at raising awareness of cyberbullying. Frankly, if a bully wants my iPhone, he doesn’t have to beat me up; he can have it. Ha, ha—you didn’t see that coming, did you? Here’s the real punch line: Back in 2005, Sony BMG Music encoded dozens of albums with “copy-protection software” (read: spyware) that automatically installed on PCs when customers popped in their discs, wreaking havoc with the Windows OS, opening security holes for viruses and leading to a slew of lawsuits. Seems that Sony’s been a bit of a bully itself over the years. Oh, my contest entry? A Sony CD with a red slash through it. Sure, it’s two years on. But staying vigilant is the only way to make sure bullies learn their lesson.

—Posted by David Gianatasio