BarkBox Brings 30 Seconds of Sweet, Sweet Dog Butt Into Your Living Room

Your best friend is going to like this

Is there anything dogs love more than a good dog butt?

BarkBox, a monthly gift subscription service for dogs, has been experimenting with advertising directly to man's best friend. And its latest attempt to get inside the canine cranium is nothing more than 30 seconds of staring directly at a dog's butt. The company even went so far as to have an actual dog-butt casting call to find the perfect doggy derriere.

The view from behind should look familiar to dog owners who are used to having dog butts shoving into their face on a daily basis. And from the completely unscientific testing that I tried, dogs seem very happy to look at another dog's butt on a screen.

Of course, it's gotta be kind of a tease to look at that sweet, sweet dog butt and not get a single sniff.


Client: BarkBox

Agency: Graham Douglas & Kenny Kim

Creative Director: Henrik Werdelin

Art Director, Copywriter: Rob Schutz

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