Barbie fashions now made for living dolls

Sociologists will have a field day (pun intended) with Patricia Field’s Barbie-inspired clothing line. (See some of the items here.) Gloria Steinem will be rolling in her grave, because this collection just might put her there. Sure, some people probably enjoy dressing up like Barbie, if only to achieve emotional catharsis or rile their co-workers on casual Fridays. (Hey HR, lighten up!) But seriously, this sends so many wrong messages. I’m sure the G.I. Joe-inspired clothing line (with genuine U.S. Army insignia and weaponry—the perfect cross-promotion) is in the works. And isn’t Hummer getting all touchy-feely with its image these days? Maybe it’s time for the GM nameplate to market a vehicle like this. PS: It appears Richard Kirshenbaum is already sporting the Ken collection. Stylish!

—Posted by David Gianatasio