‘Banned’ Sprite ad unleashes a load of buzz


It’s a fact of the advertising industry that roughly 99% of those “banned” ads you see on the Web were never banned at all — or even intended to be aired. It seems that has to be the case with the tremendously not-safe-for-work Sprite spot that’s been bouncing around the blogosophere all day. We’re given little more information than, as the Huffington Post says, it has “apparently been banned from the air” in Germany. Maybe. Or maybe it’s just the work of a few wanna-be filmmakers with a junior high sense of humor who are looking to give their day jobs a happy ending. UPDATE: Yep, totally fake. And strangely, it's from Brooklyn. UPDATE 2: The video has been pulled, so we've changed the link to the College Humor version.

Posted by David Griner