Bank Offers Brief History of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

Silly speculation is timeless, FirstBank reminds us

Colorado's FirstBank illustrates the foolhardiness of trying to get rich quick in this new campaign by ad shop TDA. A spot called "History Lessons" skewers quick-wealth schemes ranging from "Tulip Mania" in 17th-century Holland (apparently, the Dutch were high even way back then) to playing the stock market in 1929 ("You don't even have to use your own money!") and real estate flipping in 2008. Print and online elements employ lines like, "Free Financial Tip: Stop taking free financial tips" and "If you really can earn millions without ever leaving your couch, then why aren't more teenagers financially secure?" The work is amusing and makes its point without being goofy or over the top. That prudent approach seems in tune with these volatile times and could prove useful for touting the bank's pro-savings stance, though in keeping with the message here, it's probably best not to speculate.

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