A Bank Hired an Actor to Tell You He’s an Actor Hired by a Bank. And It’s Awesome

Nordnet takes transparency very seriously

Commercials about financial institutions are notoriously snooze-worthy, but Nordnet has changed it up with a fun new campaign rich in meta-humor.

The Scandinavian financial institution, operating in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, released a series of short videos poking fun at typical characteristics of banking ads.

(UPDATE: The agency behind the campaign is a small shop called Fortune from Stockholm, Sweden. See credits below.)

The spot getting the most traction on YouTube features lines like, "I'm an actor, and I've been paid $8,000 to tell you how great Nordnet is compared to other banks," and, "I now walk in this modern office, where I have a cup of coffee with another actor whom I've never met before."

The videos have been getting great feedback on YouTube, which is surprising simply because it's YouTube.

I especially like the spot that seems to reference Cadillac's much-debated "Poolside" spot. In Nordnet's musings on the importance of hard work, the narrator closes with, "I just get paid to tell you that Nordnet is the greatest place to save and invest in the world," and we hear the director off screen yelling, "No, you can't say that! You have to say ONE … OF … THE … BEST." 


Client: Nordnet

Agency: Fortune

Production Company: Joakim Thörn Filmproduktion

Producer: Mats Wolgers, The Producers

Director: Joakim Thörn

Art Director, Creative Director: Ola von Bahr

Copywriter, Creative Director: Christian Heinig

Account Manager: Isabelle Lewenhaupt

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