Oddest Dish-Soap Ads Ever Made

Ooh, look at that tasty flan with the big nasty sausage in the middle. Or would you prefer a chocolate bar with a chewy whole-fish center? In what might be the weirdest and grossest ads of the year, Grey Argentina has whipped up both delicacies—and presented them in humorous 1950s and 1980s milieus—to sell a Clorox Co. dish soap called Ayudin. The payoff isn't quite as clear as it should be—the point is, Ayudin cleans your dishes so well, you won't have yesterday's flavors mixing with today's dishes. But the spots are just so oddball-awesome, they can't be denied. On a side note, the sausage-flan song would have easily made our list of advertising's best fake jingles. You'll be humming it all day long.