Bands that won’t hitch a ride with Hummer

Hummer_adYou might think a band named Trans Am would be a good fit for a General Motors commercial. But the Washington, D.C., rockers bypassed a $180,000 offer for their song “Total Information Awareness” because the product was a Hummer. “We figured it was almost like giving music to the Army, or Exxon,” guitarist Philip Manley tells the Associated Press. Hummer also got the cold shoulder from Thermal and LiLiPUT, even though the latter band has been kaput for 20 years. “At least I can sleep without nightmares,” ex-LiLiPUTian Marlene Marder tells the AP. This wave of principle over paycheck was attributed to the Hummer’s atrocious fuel-economy figures, which hover near the single digits. That thirst for Middle East unleaded has earned the vehicle a Sierra Club Web site called, which asks readers to choose an appropriate theme song. Should Hummer’s ad shop, Modernista!, run out of soundtrack options, be advised that Ottmar Liebert is still available. Weighing in on the controversy, Liebert says the young rebels ought to milk the deal for a good cause. “Hell, license your music to GM for the hated Hummer H2, and give $10 million to the Integral Institute, and you will create a lot more change than by telling your agent, ‘Over my dead body!’”

—Posted by Richard Williamson