Band Issues Global Product Recall for Its Biggest Hit

Yolanda Be Cool removes 'We No Speak Americano' from rotation

Musicians have been experimenting with all sorts of inventive marketing tricks in recent years, and here's the latest—Australian pop duo Yolanda Be Cool, working with ad agency Gotham Inc., have announced an international product recall of their hit song "We No Speak Americano," as part of the marketing campaign for their new album, Ladies and Mentalmen. The reason is simple: "We No Speak Americano" was a giant megahit, reaching No. 1 in 16 countries and remaining on the charts in many places even after two and a half years. But the band needs to move on, and needs its fans to move on, too—to the next album. Thus, they've officially declared that the beats "are no longer fresh" in "We No Speak Americano," and they're calling on radio stations, DJs and fans worldwide to remove the song from their playlists and destroy any hard copies of it. They're also having it removed from iTunes Australia and are taking the download links off their fan site and Facebook page. A visit to redirects to a Facebook page where fans (after liking the page) can download a free "replacement track" off the new album and get exclusive information on the upcoming release. Check out the faux-press-conference video from Gotham below. It's a fun campaign because it's rooted in the truth: This band badly needs a new hit. Knocking the old one off its pedestal is a decent first step. Credits below.