Baldwin and Krasinski Take Their Baseball Rivalry to Next Level

Holy cow! New Era Caps and ad agency Brooklyn Brothers go yard with "One Hitter," their second spot featuring NBC stars Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski as warring supporters of, respectively, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. The trash talk came fast and furious in the excellent first ad (Krasinski: "How are you a Yankee fan at all? It's like being a huge fan of fascism." Baldwin: "No. It's like being a huge fan of winning."). But this new commercial, easily one of the best TV ads of the year, takes the rivalry to new heights as Baldwin arrives at Krasinski's pad and promptly punches him because "you guys didn't deserve to win that game!" It turns out the Pinstripes won, but Baldwin left in the sixth inning and didn't know the final score because radio reception on the Long Island Expressway "is really spotty." Krasinski: "You drove all the way over here to punch me in the face?" Baldwin: "No, I ran. I was too angry to drive." Krasinski: "And at no point did you stop and think, 'This is a bad idea?'" Baldwin: "No … I still don't." The sharp writing gets an extra edge as the actors play off their sitcom-character identities and real-life personas. I really dig the monochrome photography because that's how true fans on both sides of the greatest rivalry in sports see things: in stark black and white. Now, a true Yankee fanatic would've kicked Krasinski in the rosin bag when he was down, but this spot's already drawn some fire for supposedly condoning violent fan behavior, so it's probably a good thing Baldwin only struck one blow. I assume those whiners support the Mets.