Bad Day on Social Media? Ads for High-Alcohol Beer Suggest Drowning Your Sorrows

An appeal to modern self-pity

No one inspires sympathy quite like a guy who spots his girlfriend on Tinder while shopping around on the the dating app himself.

A new campaign from Brazilian agency Candy Shop for Boca Maldita, a regional high-alcohol beer, riffs on modern infidelity—as it plays out on mobile and social networks. Four print ads feature headlines from the Ashley Madison school of adultery-themed, logic-affronting copy—along with the tagline, "Some days you just want to forget."


It's hard to feel bad for the dude whose wife catches him cheating by reading his texts. (She's the one more deserving of the stiff drink). But there's a good dose of schadenfreude here, mixed in with a call to action to drown your sorrows, even when they're entirely of your own making. 

Candy Shop's Facebook page includes three radio spots for anyone who knows Portuguese. There are also a few people tagging their friends on in the comments section, which seems not very cool, but also perhaps righteous.

The agency tells us that Boca Maldita is a craft beer with a limited run every six months. The ads will run as posters in Brazilian breweries and on social media. The Boca Maldita Facebook page, however, has only about 100 likes and no posts at all, so far. But that's presumably because the company shut it down after its wife noticed it one night.

Via Ads of the World.

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.